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Dr. Marv Treiger

Marv has practiced Marriage, Family & Individual psychotherapy since 1987 and is currently inactive. He continues to lead meditation retreats in the Buddhist tradition throughout California and Nevada. He has been teaching classes at Antioch University at L.A. since 1992. In his youth, he was a revolutionary Marxist active in a variety of left-wing organizations where he worked with many of the famous Leftists of our time, including Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. His Buddhism undermined his radicalism over many years and 9/11 led him to deeply re-examine all his assumptions. The outcome was an informed conversion to conservatism. In 2008, he resumed political activity to prevent the election of Barack Obama and has been active ever since. Click here to read the rest of Marv's bio.

#Blog 11: Popular Rebellion & and the Elite

September 26, 2016 Greetings Fellow Citizens, Here is the podcast and transcript for the JimmySengenberger show on 9/24/16. The podcast is commercial free. The transcript takes the liberty of not repeating Jimmy’s introduction of me for each segment. Enjoy, Marv <image001.jpg> Podcast: Transcript: THE JIMMY SENGENBERGER SHOW MARVIN TREIGER […]

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