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Day 1 GOP: Make America Safe Again

July 19, 2016 2016 Elections, Seng Center Blog Evil Shadow, Highlights, Trump v Hillary

July 19, 2016

Greetings Citizens,

There is a specter hovering over and upon the floor of the GOP Convention here in Cleveland. For me, I sense a palpable fear that the dark, shadow side of humanity, the same shadow that resides in each of us, is on the rise in the Republic and, I dare say, in the world. If it is not stopped liberty will be crushed, anarchy will proliferate, and new and even more horrible wars are on the horizon.

No, that evil, shadow rising is not Donald Trump. The Left and its media would like you to think so. It is simply and clearly congealed in the possible election of the mendacious, despised and corrupt Hillary. The “vast governmental conspiracy” set in place by Obama – disregard of restraints on the Executive, lack of all accountability at the VA and especially the IRS, enterprise suppressing regulations, abuses of the Justice Department by Holder and Lynch, use of the EPA to circumvent legislation, and the FBI absurdly gives Her Highness, the Untouchable, a pass.

And America is a little less safe.

It adds up to the gradual consolidation of bureaucratic rule and administrative law in America. Like Turkey last week, if enough power becomes centralized and concentrated, a moment comes when the pretext for complete control inevitably presents itself. A third Obama term, only doubled down, and presto, everything is in place – or at least you better give this ample consideration.

And America is a less safe.

Don’t doubt me. Liberals thugs, bathed in revolutionary romance, take violence to the streets, that is, they are taking it to you, to the freedom of expression of all Americans. Black Liberationists inspired by “Black Lives Matter” take murder to the police. Obama invites them to the White House carrying on his little tradition of placing his thumb on the wrong side of the scales of justice again and again, as he did in Ferguson, in Baltimore, in Florida, and more. Political correctness is destroying the public square and is a tool to end careers and enforce conformity.

And America is a lot less safe.

Hillary sits atop the Democratic Establishment Machine aided by some Republicans. This wealthy, ruling elite live separate lives from the rest of us. Believe me, their neighborhoods are safe and their incomes and jobs are secure. They look down on those who suffer from job losses and industry transfers abroad and a virtually open border policy.

On the ground, the Convention dust-up over unbinding delegates came and went like a mid-west storm burst. It could be reasonably argued it was handled heavy-handedly, but really folks, this is not a legislature but a Convention and the point had already long been reached when Trump as the candidate was settled. In my view, given the hostile media vultures who want to paint the GOP as hopelessly riven, swatting that fly was in order. It was time to move on and move on they did. To be sure it might have been handled more graciously and did sour an already sour Colorado delegation which could hurt in November, but honestly, a full blown debate over a lost cause would have stirred a negative media frenzy possibly marking the Convention as doomed.

The Establishment media and Hillary quickly settled on another absurdity to take attention away from the devastating indictment of Hillary’s record as Secretary of State delivered from the podium. They attacked Melania for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech back in ‘08. Now, I’m an Adjunct professor and have a nose for plagiarism. This is a ridiculous charge. In question are 58 words out of 1,400 spoken. Given that the themes of addressing poverty, education and assisting children and the vulnerable are classic first lady themes, it is hardly surprising that some “paraphrasing” sounding lines were delivered. One phrase, a cliche in its own right, was spoken by both Melania and Michelle. A person’s “word is their bond”. Maybe Michelle should sue her.

The main stream media itself makes us less safe and more and more people know it.

So this is the hour of Donald J.Trump. Please understand this. Stop making this a election about Trump vs Trump. This is not the actual Trump running against the ideal, or Ok, or even “good enough” Trump. I can make that sort of case as good as many and better than most. This is an election between two people and any arguments of that type at this point amount to no more than forms of self-flattery. Sure, this sort of commentary had its moment and I was sure a part of it. (Something I will gradually write about in the next four days based on policy and character issues and how examining the real stakes changed me. Hopefully, my journey will assist you.)

No, this election is a stand we must take against the shadow, the evil specter, represented by modern liberalism that, in its quest for an equality imposed by a Wisdom Committee, necessarily gravitates towards totalitarianism making none of us safe. Brexit is an example of this resistance abroad. These forces, like a many-headed hydra, have have already begun to shed the blood of the forces of law and order at home, of democrats at rallies in our streets, and of our military abroad through the rules of engagement, the purge of commanders, and abandonment of our forward line as in Benghazi.

Never Hillary. Hold that banner high! Elections are finally binary events in America. The status quo is a catastrophe descending into a hell as we speak. Hillary is its chosen demon-in-chief. She is perfect for the position. She must be stopped. In this light, look again at Trump. Find and support what is good in him. You will discover, I believe, if you make an honest effort, you will find much to like.

You can start by listening to Rudy’s speech last night linked to below. It’s all there by someone who knows. If you have time, pay special attention to Daryl Glenn, Senate nominee from Colorado. Pat Smith’s heart-wrenching speech on the murder of her son in Benghazi is laid clearly at Hillary and Obama’s feet. It may have been Hillary’s worst moment as Secretary of State.

For Rudy:

Let me close with a little story about my change of heart although the change really got going a bit lower down. About 8 weeks ago, I walked into my Dry Cleaners to pick up some clothes. The store is run by a Latino, a Croatian immigrant and a tough and loving seamstress. They are all Republicans but we only talk politics when the store is empty. It is a liberal precinct after all and it is prudent to be careful.

I’m standing in the doorway about to leave, pressed pants in hand, and the Hispanic guy says “So, who are you for? I reply “I’m 90% for Trump”. They chuckle. “What changed you?” he asked. “It’s simple,” says I, “I just unpuckered my a-hole.” They howled with laughter. The next week when I came into the shop they did my stuff gratis, no charge. They had secretly been for Trump even when speaking to Republicans.

I promise you. You won’t be alone and you won’t be disappointed.


With loving blessings,