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Day 2 #Make America Work Again

July 20, 2016 2016 Elections "plagiarism", Colorado breakfast, roll call, Trump Jr

July 20, 2016

Greetings Citizens,

I must admit it. The most exciting and satisfying moments of yesterday’s festivities for me were the state by state roll call of the votes. This time-honored tradition harkened back to thrills and fascinations of my childhood. How great to be an American and live in a land of freedom and liberty!

Here is the roll call of the California delegation. Enjoy. The 2 minute segment captures the spirit and the process of the hour (but unfortunately ends before this very lively lady proudly introduces her 3 sons who are standing behind her.) Still, you’ll get it.

This morning’s breakfast with the Colorado delegation was the moment, the turning point moment I believe, when the healing and uniting process began for this most frustrated and arguably most divided of delegations. Yesterday, the delegation was even booed by large numbers on the Convention floor. Big race. Big emotions. You know, in the end, it’s really okay if these things happen or if they don’t happen. It’s life in a vibrant democracy.

Folks need to remember that an election campaign is 80% primary and only 20% general election. Lots of opportunity for dispute and rancor amidst we mere mortals. The lively and crackling Colorado Party – filled with vim and vigor – is no exception to the rule.

Jeff Sessions spoke at the breakfast and calmly made a compelling case for lawful immigration and fairly contracted free trade with facts and figures. With a twinkle in his eye, he suggested you just might find lots to like in Trump’s positions. He counseled study of George Borjas of Harvard and his research on immigration and trade if you are to have an informed view.

Lamar Smith, NASA science mavin and Representative from Texas spoke as did Mike Kelly – a great Irish storyteller – hailing from Pennsylvania also spoke. Each made the case for Trump. The exploration of space and the effort to promote jobs at home must not be counter-posed as obama has done.

Kelly alluded to the freedom one attains when a person, his dad, understood, there was no option. In this election, there is no option. Hillary is not an option. Not voting is 1/2 vote for Hillary. Finally, you’re either all in or…well yes, you can still and ought to be a critique when appropriate. If that strategy is good enough for Paul Ryan, it just might be good enough for many of us.

Convention halls, I’m told usually are packed with finding seats being at a premium. Not so thus far. Although last night was a substantial increase over the first night, there are still some empty seats. The energy, however, doubled. The nomination process is now complete and the general election race has begun. You can feel the energy revving up as we turn to the immediate future.

Make America Work Again contains an intended pun. It means the darn thing ain’t working and it means putting people to work again at jobs and stimulating businesses. It means repealing the 1,000 page, still not fully read and comprehended, Dodd-Frank Bill that has already introduced over 22,000 new regulations stifling initiative in every direction.

Make America Work Again means reviving the energy sector with the national goal of becoming energy independent. I spoke with a delegate from Alaska who pointed out that the state’s population of 700,000 is shrinking, that communities are going without now that oil production has been artificially cut back. Until now every Alaskan – man, woman and child – receives $2,000 annually to assist survival in the harsh, often jobless environment. We all know about the rust belt and the devastation there wrought by Obama’s anti-energy regime.

Make America Work Again means a positive, generous, encouraging attitude to the young and compassion for veterans and the elderly and for those those seeking to change industries in a dynamic economy.

The speech by Donald Trump Jr. was a first class political speech. Along with Chris Christie’s indictment of Hillary, it was the highlight of the night. Here is the younger Donald’s speech:

Yet, this whole family is new to political campaigns. How do they do it? When Tiffany Trump, another eloquent Trump daughter, recalled her dad’s little, sweet notes on each report card, it was a fatherly example of encouraging children with loving support to aspire to excellence; it revealed how love and critical support of the young moves them forward in life as they grow up. When Donald Jr. was taught to drive a Big Cat and his dad listened to the hardhats on those projects, it helped his son earn and learn his way and it helps explain this billionaire’s understanding of the plight of the American working class.

Does nominee Trump love to be adored and does he toot his own horn and is he self-absorbed even as he helps others? No doubt. We’ve seen it before our eyes. These are some of the contradictions in the man…and in us. Does he listen? Will he respond? The signs that he will are beginning to outnumber the signs that he won’t.

Abashed, with tail between her legs, the speechwriter for Melania offered her resignation today for the “plagiarism” issue. Melania had told her she admired Michelle’s speeches in public office and read some of Michelle’s lines over the phone to the writer who jotted them down. The writer then carelessly didn’t go back and read the crucial 2008 speech herself.

Trump and the Trump family refused to utter the words “You’re fired!” – instead calling it “an innocent mistake”. It was, in their view, a novice mistake in a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants campaign. Other campaigns have speeches vetted many times over to avoid embarrassing mistakes. This is the price of amateurism. For my part, I guess I’ve gotten a little bit soft on “plagiarism” myself. You know, some of these college kids think that they are being penalized for actually having done some reading. Our academic culture – sad affair. Hard to not be dragged down in the general descent.

Alas, it would have been so great for Melania, as the first, First-Lady-to-be, to speak as an immigrant from a formerly communist country.

Can’t wait for tonight with Marco Rubio (on video, how friendly will he be?), Ted Cruz (will he endorse?) and Mike Pence (will he bridge the divide and be the unifier?) as well as others all giving speeches.

This will be the first full day with Trump as the nominee.

Hang on to your hats!

Blessings to all,