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Day 3 Make America First Again

July 21, 2016 Seng Center Blog Colo breakfast, Cruz, energy, Pence

July 21, 2016

Greetings Citizens,

Last night the Hall was packed and the level of energy doubled again. It is illuminating to hear and read of media reports of a “depressed,” “empty,”and “hollow” Convention when you are in the thick of it and can feel things build towards critical mass. Laura Ingraham gave a rousing warm-up speech that electrified the assemblage early in the evening. As a long time Trump supporter, she is worth listening to at her best:

Our duplicitous media, in this case US Weekly, reported she gave a Nazi salute. This is what we are up against Anything to distract to liberty and freedom content of the speech. Here is how they reported the story:

Trump had generously offered to give any of his opponents from the Primary a chance to speak at the Convention. Ted Cruz generously accepted. I say generously because Kasich simply and small-mindedly boycotted the Convention completely.

Great care need to be taken when a glass shatters and shards scatter across the floor. Each shard, when lifted, refracts the light of a unique point of view. Reassembling the glass is a process of patience and care if healing is to happen. Trump tweeted today that he read Cruz’ speech beforehand and kept his word allowing him to speak. Walker, Rubio and Christy all endorsed.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ted hurt himself badly by forgetting that when you lift the shard you are often the first to bleed from its sharpness and others bleed thereafter. Yes, it is legitimate to speak your conscience especially if your wife and father have been unfairly savaged. Yes, there were many points of view regarding his being booed towards the finale of his speech.

Please note that the booing was primal. It arose shock and dismay at his non-endorsement of Trump while specifically encouraging down-ballot voting. Cruz delivered an impeccable argument why Hillary must be defeated and at the very end resisted the logical conclusion of supporting the candidate that must win to defeat her.

In that moment, Cruz became the Republican James Comey. Remember when Comey made the impeccable case for Hillary’s “extreme carelessness” only to spare her from the charge of “gross negligence,” a charge he later said, that anyone today should be indicted for and then didn’t indict her? The wound of that unexpected and illogical reversal was re-opened. This was an act without class for its timing and manner of delivery. This is the basic reason for the booing. Okay, I can see a drop of blood on my finger for expressing this opinion.

The nature of Left, enshrined by Saul Alinsky in his book Rules For Radicals is to gain power through pitting one group agains another. This is why Obama has come to be widely known as the “Divider-in-Chief”. What is oft forgotten is that the Left does not just do this to its opponents but finally to itself. It eats itself.

Stalinists eat Trotskyists and then eat each other. Russia eats China. China eats Vietnam. In its quest for dissent-fee unity and the correct political line (of the moment,) millions have been slaughtered. Islam is no different except perhaps that they often begin by eating each other. Sunnis eat Shiites and Shiites eat Sunnis. Recall how fulfilling Mohammed’s deathbed instruction to clear the Arabian Peninsula of the People of the Book (Christians and Jews,) the First Caliphate after his death spent 10 years killing each other in what was known as the Apostate Wars.

Conservatives, populists and the Republican Party – although even if only on the level of ideas and democratic action – need be wary of falling into this all to available facet of human nature. There is a middle way of strong principle and powerful united action. Will it be found in this perilous moment?

Gingrich made the gesture and laid out the indictment of Hillary’s foreign policy once again with great clarity and erudition:

Of course, the Left media deemed it the “end of Newt” and an “absurd dive into fear mongering”. You decide.

The highlight and high point of the night was the speech by Michael Pence, vice-presidential running mate on the Trump ticket. This was important because, in a recent poll, 45% of those polled were unaware of who he was. With grace, humor, seriousness and a flawless presentation, Pence made the case for the ticket. Even, big surprise the main stream liberal media gave it high marks. Here is the text of his speech. If your time is short, this is the one to watch:

With Donald caught in a pincer (much of it his own karma) – by being abandoned by some Establishment forces around Jeb Bush and John Kasich and with personal and political grudges still festering from sections of the conservative base – Pence has great potential to bring some of these forces together. He is admired and respected by Establishment figures in Washington and sections of the donor class and he is loved within conservative circles for applying and living his principles. Home run!

Today is a new day with new adventures and surprises. Someone said “You must be having a whale of a good time.” And indeed I am.

This morning I had the honor of giving a short, 7 minute talk to the lovingly, bumptious Colorado Delegation at their breakfast. Seemed like full attention and interest throughout and absolutely no booing.

Could this mean I did something wrong?

Blessings to all,