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Jimmy Hits on Fmr. Gov. Hickenlooper’s #SB181 Contradictions – B4B March 21

March 21, 2019 2020 Elections, Colorado Politics Bill Ritter, Climate Change, Colorado, Colorado Legislature, Colorado Politics, Energy Production, Firestone, Jared Polis, John Hickenlooper, K.C. Becker, Oil and Gas, SB19-181

On the March 21, 2019 edition of Business for Breakfast, host Jimmy Sengenberger discusses former Dem. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper‘s comments about Colorado’s oil and gas laws and regulations on CNN and explains how Hick – and fellow Dem. ex-Gov. Bill Ritter – undercut the basic premise for SB19-181 (which is speeding through the legislature at breakneck speed and may spell certain doom for the oil and gas industry).  Jimmy also addresses how the Adams County ban on O&G production reveals the real intentions behind and effect of #SB181.