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Rep. Mike Coffman on “The Jimmy Sengenberger Show” – January 6, 2018

On the January 6, 2018 edition of The Jimmy Sengenberger Show on News/Talk710 KNUS, host Jimmy Sengenberger talks extensively with Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado’s 6th Congressional District in a wide-ranging interview covering federal treatment of legalized marijuana, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, immigration and DACA, Afghanistan, and more. The Jimmy Sengenberger Show runs Saturday evenings LIVE from […]

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Ruben Navarrette on The Jimmy Sengenberger Show

On the Saturday, December 9th, 2016 edition of The Jimmy Sengenberger Show, columnist and commentator Ruben Navarrette joined Jimmy for an explosive, hour-long conversation, complete with several highly-engaged callers.  In a fast-paced hour, the duo discussed Trump’s cabinet appointments, illegal immigration, and much more. Listen to the recorded hour below. […]

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(KNUS 8/29/15) Sherk, Nowrasteh, Westwood, McKim

In the Saturday, August 29 edition of The Jimmy Sengenberger Show on News/Talk 710 KNUS, Jimmy discusses a destructive new decision by the National Labor Relations Board with James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation and challenges Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh to solve illegal immigration. The Washington Examiner‘s Sarah Westwood checks in on […]

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Fireside Truth #1: Obama vs. the Constitution

In the 1930’s, FDR had his Fireside Chats. Now, Jimmy Sengenberger is bringing Fireside back with a new web video series produced by Stian Storgaard! In the debut episode of “Fireside Truth,” Jimmy cuts through Obama’s rhetoric on his #ImmigrationAction to reach the underlying truth.

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